Hey Nick,

I've been using your Mad Scientist Muscle program for several cycles...I weigh around 77kg now, majority is muscle, not sure what body fat percentage I am but as you can see my abs are popping out so I’m happy.

The most important thing about your program was not just how it was laid out very well and easy to take in. It was more so that ANYTIME I had a question, I would ask you on facebook and you would get back to me with an answer or advice all the time. I had tried asking questions to other programs online but they would either sound like they don’t really care or not get back to me. And I asked A LOT of questions and got A LOT of advice and I appreciate it because that egged me on all the time to go harder.

I did all my training at home, didn’t go to the gym once. Anything is possible if you put your dedication and focus into it.

Thanks for everything Nick, I would definitely rate you out there as the best due to your advice that you have given me without hesitation. The only advice I can give is for people never to give up.

Thanks Again J

Chris Cuadros, 25, Sydney, Australia

Hey Nick,


Since I started training with your programs 4 months ago, I have gained 38 lbs and my strenth has skyrocketed, most notably my bench press - 300lb 1RM Barbell decline.

When I started in October I was 151lbs, I am now 189lbs. My biceps have gone from 12 3/4 inches in October to 15 1/8 inches as of yesterday.

I am ecstatic that the days of "Tiny Tim" are now over. Thank you for designing such a simple and effective program. When I started to strength training 4 years ago I wanted to be as strong as I could but really lacked direction and a good program to follow. I never imagined my strength reaching the levels I have reached through your program. These past 4 months of training on your program have been a trip to say the least. I still have Cycle 3 and the Frankenstein program to do. I tried a couple of your in-set super sets on my "fun" workout day this past week. HOLY SH--!!

I start Cycle 3 Rest Pause Training tomorrow.

Thank you erasing the "tiny" from my name.



I finished the Mad Scientist Frankenstein program last week. It was actually quite fun.

- I gained almost 4 kgs in weight (mostly muscle), my family mention everyday that I am growing LOL
- I did the squats for the CO portion (starting at 90 kgs) and was careful of form and did stretching during the 30 seconds rest periods. I had no lower back issues even squatting deep.

- On the records day I did a PR of 142.5kg (313 lbs) squat...previous was 122.5 (270 lbs).

It was amazing, I just kept adding the small plates and cranking out a good deep squat. If I had planned the weight a bit better I might have gotten a bit heavier circumventing fatigue.

Thanks again for your guidance.

Eric E.

I have just finished my first eight weeks on your program. I gained 8 lbs with slight fat gain; I went from 170 to 178.

Nick, your stuff is fantastic. Thank you for your programs and your interest in your customers. You are a credit to training.

Jeff Myers

Nick - First, I wanted to say thank you. I've been using your Mad Scientist Muscle program, and I am currently in the 8th and final week of Cycle 3.

This has been, hands down, the best program I have done to date. You helped me reach some goals along the way, like busting past the 400lb marks for squat and deadlift! Thanks for a rock solid plan, that was easy to put into effect.

Wes Bonin

Hi Nick,

Just started your Mad Scientist Muscle program, WOW!! End of the third day, a rest day, I had muscles popping all over, it's NEVER happened like that before. I rushed out of the bathroom and scared my wife, she said and I quote 'do you really want to get bigger'. No kidding!

That said I'm not huge by any measure, but I have been weight training (super sets and hard out cardio) for about 3 months prior to starting your program this week. I wanted to change my body and it looks like this program has the goods!!

Cheers Nick

Nathan Jung

Hi Nick,

Firstly let me say thank you for the program, its been an incredibley effective program.

The worksout are intense but you can feel them working daily so you dont mind the aches and pains. I have been very impressed with the 1st cycle and am now on week 2 of the 2nd cycle. I gained around 8 lbs of lean muscle during cycle 1 and am now hitting the scales at 17 stone 3 (240 lbs) and can still see some Ab definition which is always nice!!

Thanks again.
Rhodri Foote (UK)

I am finishing up the first cycle of the Mad Scientist Program. My lifts have gone up quite a lot. +50 lbs for deadlift & squat, +25 lbs for military press, +20 for bench.

During the first week of low-rep strength training portion, I was fairly stunned to be using my former 1 rep maxes as warmup sets for the deadlift and squat.

I'd definitely recommend the program. It's tough but it works.

Keven Kerkam

Nick, I wanted to complement your program the (MAD SCIENTIST MUSCLE) I started your program April of this year and on the 3rd week of the (time volume training) I stopped using my cane about 75% due to a bad hip. I have been working out since I was 17yrs old and I am now 59yrs old and been driving a semi truck for the last 7 years and have been keeping in shape.

I do have to admit admit my body shaped up tremendously with your program. I am hardly using my cane to the point I don't remember the last time I used it. I wish I knew this type of program back in the 70's when I was a competitive athlete!

Will Haynie

New results after 2nd phase my bench is now at 250 squat is at 405 and deadlift is at 375 I weigh 165 and I can curl 120 I'm loving the results from this program

Jerry Torrez



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